Dear Thomas, thank you so much for sharing this important information. It’s beyond sad and maddening to see how the european media is treating this massacre as if it was a war, and treating people who support Palestinians as woke or crazy lefties.

I’m chilean and my husband is a syrian-palestinian descendent and it’s terrible to witness this. He’s got friends in Bethelem and they’re scared to death.

I follow Unherd and see you also write there, and just can’t believe the inhumane comments some people make. But then I remember who claims to be the most civilized and educated people on this planet.

I’m glad my great grandfather ended up here after the Highland Clearances so I got to see the world differently.

Lots of light for you,


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Thank you for your work Thomas. Reading this I felt a wave of shame and intens saddnes. This Christmas will go down in history as the most shameful, disgusting, and cowardess for the Western establishment. Democracy and human rights will from now on be nothing but empty hollow words. Western democracy was always a joke, but now it impossible to claim otherwise. The real western values have been laid bare.

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