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Please consider the "Club of Rome" map drawn up in the 1970s in my link proves as they are using this war to kill and then Russia will posses Ukraine as the 5th kingdom of their 10 kingdom division of the whole earth by the midst of this decade!:


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Thanks very much for posting this. I particularly appreciate Skidelsky's noting that, "To say that the Russian attack was provoked is not to say it was justified; that is an important distinction for clear thinking about peace prospects." Too many of the people on the Left who are critical of Ukraine slide very quickly from provocation to justification.

You can read Skidelsky's remarks in the context of the larger Lords debate here: https://hansard.parliament.uk/Lords/2023-09-21/debates/8E5EA572-5CCC-412A-AF22-8D71BBBE5E25/details#contribution-74607DD0-C7FD-4D85-99DF-23E8B12BDDDC

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I am grateful to be able to comment as I spend but little, except for my large rent payment each month on a one-room habitation. Thus, I am of service to neither the (illusionary) "Substack economy" not the economy itself. But this is within my rights, as a free person in a democratic society. Now, as to the piece in question before us, this part from amongst the good Lordy-Lordie's words struck me: "... their failure to recognise the extent of Ukraine’s victory. Ukraine has fought for its independence and won..." (reference is to 2014) Easier, then, to win the military battle recently than the battle to forge a new country. For that they needed to contend with democracy, institutions, etc. Russia never excelled at that either you know. Overlooked therefore is the difficulty faced by Ukraine to consolidate the surge of home-feeling of the "Maidan Revo." We also need a little more info on just what happened in 2014. But the good guys seem to have won; how could I say anything else? I would suggest that the Ukrainians had difficulty developing anything subsequent to the 2014 "Maidan" event. Killing 30,000 of your own soldiers in an "offensive" would appear to be a flawed psychological attempt to compensate for what was a failure of nation-building. Ukraine is a strange place and one wishes to know a little more about it. Ukraine's nature seems shrouded in mystery. But a "little Russia" should not be their future, no!

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Well I reckon he's another conceited idiot. '.... and then bomb them into submission..' is all we need to demonstrate that. Russia has in fact NEVER attempted to bomb them into submission. It did not at the time of the abortive initial 'invasion' (a laughable name really considering the actual military nature of - totally, but totally inadequate for any such task) attempt to 'bomb them into submission' and it certainly never attempted any such thing after then.

But.. but.. but... you say.... looking at now. Yes, look again at 'now'. Where are the Russians and what are they doing? They are within the borders of the breakaway, invaded, oblasts that asked them for help. THAT is not 'bombing into submission'. That's like accusing a man on the ground attempting to beat off a bully kicking him to death of trying to 'beat the bully into submission'.

Need I labour the point? Clarify it? Surely not. Not so subtle is it?

Kiev is trying and was trying and vows to always try to 'bomb into submission' the whole of the Donbas and in fact any place with any whiff of connection with Russia, so demented are they.

This is not a subtle point.

It is not a difficult point.

It is not a theoretical point.

A philosophical point.

It is a clear blunt fact.

And if this guy cannot see that yet still puffs out his chest and pretends to lay down the law from a high place then he's an ass. A capital ass. A clown.

A contemptible clown.

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