The other consideration no one is talking about - yet - as Ukraine runs out of people to put on the front lines, there will be a shift, to bring in "advisors and support" personnel from "allied" countries. Yes, that is saying your governments will ramp up the Putin evil/bad rhetoric in order to justify sending your sons and daughters to fight the world ending evil, that is Russia.

If they become a member state of NATO, then it's a done deal and all the economic destruction of countries fomenting this not-war war, will pale in comparison to the escalation of the conflict to a global level and not jut regional.

We would do well to look back at history (but we never do) and understand that while hundreds of millions died in past wars, those who funded and orchestrated them survived and survived well, unscathed and exponentially wealthier, than when the conflicts started.

This war is no different.

We will all suffer, starve and die, to varying degrees and the orchestrators will prosper and gain even more power, than they have now.

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What I liked about this is that it seems sane and sensible, it backs up its points with logic and does not scream at the reader. Basically I like that it made sense. I will be looking more at this writer in the future. If only there were more sanity in the world and people learned to think

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Sep 25, 2023Liked by Thomas Fazi

It's amusing The Economist believes Europe should bear the cost of a long war, when it's apparent to every thinking person that Europe is sinking into poverty and chaos. A grim process that would have happened anyway, but which the Russia-Ukraine war has speeded up.

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