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This is so sad — “a “European NATO” would arguably be even more bent on antagonising relations with Russia than the current US-led Alliance is”

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"Europe’s political elites...today...are even more Russophobic than their American counterparts". Russiagate played a big part in that I think. All based on a dossier conjured up by former MI6 officer Christoper Steele (from the UK of course). "If you hate Trump then you should hate Russia too" seems to be the effect they were aiming for.

European leaders gave themselves such a severe case of TDS that they now embrace Biden as their saviour who can do no wrong. Not even when he blows up their gas supply! They love the US now. I thought during the whole Brexit fandango that their expressed disdain for the US and its UK lapdog was genuine. Increasingly it seems most of the fuss arose from their imagined fear of the Orange One.

EDIT to add: The UnHerd article is very good Thomas, thanks for that. You say "I have long argued that Europe needs to free itself from the geostrategic grip of the United States.". I thought TDS and Brexit might have been a catalyst for such a welcome change. But it looks like relentless fear-mongering over the last few years has resulted in the exact opposite.

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Yes, Russophobia is definitely linked to TDS.

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the problem is Trump! Some years ago, he had a story with Angela Merkel! He sayd: "Angela, is not a good fact that you don't pay for NATO!". Trump is american, anyway, and does the interess of the USA. And NATO is USA.

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