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If I remember well, the Grundgesetz should have been replaced by a constituition at the Wiedervereinigung. Didn't happen.

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That's right. From Wikipedia: "The German word Grundgesetz may be translated as either Basic Law or Fundamental Law. The term "constitution" (Verfassung) was avoided as the drafters regarded the Grundgesetz as an interim arrangement for a provisional West German state, expecting that an eventual reunified Germany would adopt a proper constitution, enacted under the provisions of Article 146 of the Basic Law, which stipulates that such a constitution must be "freely adopted by the German people". Nevertheless, although the amended Basic Law was approved by all four Allied Powers in 1990 (who thereby relinquished their reserved constitutional rights), it was never submitted to a popular vote, neither in 1949 nor in 1990".

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The German system was set up to prevent popular sentiment from taking effect quickly, that's true. In the past, authoritarian features came to bear to basically keep a course and pursue policy against majority opinion, as per - but this one feels different.

From migration to energy price to deindustrialisation, there is no course, no policy, apart from the usual background grift and corruption that comes with government funding.

All the effort seem to be directed to afford the elites to deny reality, retreat into a fantasy world and govern that.

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Interesting article as I'm German myself, I felt this a lot during covid times...

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The individual people in public democracy, must continue to develop goals.

The-People-State, is capable of organizing outsourced materials if work was less liberalized as opportunity has NOT SHIFTED. B.C. the determination is not in FORCE OF POWER.

With respect to opposing fascists, corruptible by privilege and weak association.

The People State, is good.

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Could you concretely name the articles and paragraphs in the German Grundgesetz that you consider anti-democratic in character? Because the article does make some rather hyperbolic claims it does not redeem.

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