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The likely explanation is a mixture of 2) and 3).

Western leaders are of course only interested in playing geopolitics regarding Ukraine. Being heartless people they care nothing about the Ukrainians or their own publics.

At the same time, Western leaders are rather mad. They are weak people fantasising about being strong; also, they are leaders of an EU, a Europe, that is senile - thus suffer from illusions of being young again.

In Biden's case, this is personal too.

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It's a good breakdown but I think all three are true.

But first, it's not just European leaders. Biden is sending F16s and American pols also say that if UA doesn't defeat FR then RF will invade Poland.

The political class is monomaniacal about retaining their own power and privilege. They have wars and curtail their own democracy to protect it. That's a psyco pathology that qualifies for Fazi's 3).

Their maniac pursuit of power is Fazi's 2), which is what they are actually doing that we read about in the news. Within 2) Fazi says they rely on fear mongering in their own populations to expand their extraordinary powers, curtail dissent and the media, command the economy, etc. Fazi's 1) is part of the creation of fear.

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Maybe of interest? On Syriana, Andrei Martyanov and Mark Sleboda presented different opinions on NATO and its refusal to loose this war: https://rumble.com/v4gkr1n-how-two-years-of-war-in-ukraine-changed-the-world-forever-syriana-analysis.html

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