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Thank you Thomas for another incisive - yet depressing article. It cheers me to read commentary like yours though - as I feel less alone. I commented already on Unherd but here it is again… “Excellent article. I squirm when I see British politicians posturing and grandstanding against a backdrop of increasingly apparent governmental dysfunction and ineptitude. As Thomas Fazi indicates though, our comportment (like Macron’s) is not just laughable, it is dangerous. The appalling war mongering of the U.S. and its puppet cheerleaders in Europe, the endless provocation and s_ _ _ stirring, have brought us to the brink of disaster. All of this – as Professor Mearsheimer has said – was completely avoidable. What happened to diplomacy? How many more must die to sate the egos of delusional imperialists?”

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Thank you, Thomas. Sadly, lie is truth, war is peace….

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In the Unherd article, you write:

"After all, viewed in a realist sense, Washington can be said to have taken from this conflict what it wanted, in terms of driving a wedge between Europe (and Germany, in particular) and Russia, preventing the rise of a Eurasian geopolitical reality, and re-establishing America’s economic and military influence over Europe."

Can you provide evidence that specific policymakers in Washington (not just the Washington foreign policy "blob") had these intentions prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022?

Specifically, who advocated "driving a wedge between Europe (and Germany, in particular) and Russia"? Who was calling for step to prevent "the rise of a Eurasian geopolitical reality"? Who was arguing that "America's economic and military influence over Europe" had declined and needed to be re-established?

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Well, as I'm sure you know, obviously politicians don't usually state what their real intentions are. However, in this case there's plenty of evidence. I offer some background here: https://unherd.com/2022/10/did-america-cause-europes-energy-war/

Then you can move on to this book: https://www.amazon.it/Grand-Chessboard-American-Geostrategic-Imperatives/dp/0465027261

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